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Resources and Patient Questions

It’s good to be prepared when you are considering medical cannabis. We’ve included a few helpful tips, links and our patients’ FAQs to help get you started.

How to Ask Your Doctor

Some people worry that this might be uncomfortable, but in the end, your doctor’s priority is your well-being. Click here to find out how to start the conversation.

The Rules

To ensure that medical cannabis is prescribed correctly, and used responsibly there are some regulations to consider. Click here for an overview.

Ways to Consume Cannabis

Combustion? Vaporization? Edible oils? There are many ways to consume medical cannabis.  Product availability, individual needs and personal preference will all contribute to your choice. Click here for more.

Trying Medical Cannabis for the First Time

A few tips to ensure you have a safe and successful experience the first time you consume cannabis. Click here for more.

Our Products

Are you curious about Organigram medical cannabis products? We have a wide range of edible oils, premium dried flower and premium blends available. Click here to learn more.

Clinic Partners

Do you need help finding medical assistance? Consider connecting with one of our clinic partners.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a cannabis patient for a while and I hear the medical cannabis program in Canada has changed. How will these changes affect me?

On Oct. 17, 2018, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations was repealed, replaced by the Cannabis Act, which controls the production and distribution of cannabis (both medical and non-medical) in Canada. Patient access has been improved with the implementation of the Cannabis Act. For more information about the act and the changes, click here.

Is medical cannabis eligible as a medical expense on my income tax?

Yes, medical cannabis purchased from Organigram is a permitted medical expense under the Canada Revenue Agency and qualifies for the medical tax credit.

What payment methods do you accept for orders?

Currently, we accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, Certified Cheque, Money Orders as well as Online Banking through RBC, BMO, ScotiaBank, Caisse Populaires, National Bank and Credit Union. 

Can I return or exchange my medical cannabis?

Due to the nature of the product, all sales of medical cannabis are final.

Please contact our Client Service Team if you have any questions or concerns related to your purchase.
They can be reached by phone 1-844-644-4726 or by email, info [at]

Do you sell edibles, oils, tinctures or any other prepared derivative of cannabis?

At the moment we are only authorized to sell edible cannabis oil. Our cannabis oil is currently available in Indica, Sativa and CBD-rich varieties. Each 25ml bottle is equivalent to 5g of dried cannabis.

How many strains do you currently have in production?

We currently have a wide variety of strains in production, with more under development. Our strain development program includes securing seed stock from government exempted suppliers in other countries. To learn more about our current products click here.

How is your product tested?

Our product is tested in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines. We use an external laboratory that is accredited to conduct these specific tests and verify our compliance with the the Cannabis Act.

How can I place my order?

Patients can place their order by phone or online. Upon receiving your registration letter, you will also receive a link to set your log-in credentials for the webstore. 


Do you offer any type of assistance to qualified recipients of social assistance or government disability programs?

Yes, we offer an industry-leading assistance program for all orders placed by qualified patients. Qualifying is simple. We just need a copy of your most current notice of assessment or provincial attestation of disability and we will take care of the rest. Click here to apply.

What is the Cannabis Act?

It is the regulation administered by Health Canada that controls the production and distribution of medical cannabis.

The Cannabis Act assures patients and doctors that the medical cannabis prescribed has been manufactured in a controlled, secure and regulated environment.

To learn more about the Cannabis Act please visit the website.

Will my health insurance cover this?

Currently, medical cannabis is not covered by most health care insurance or provincial formularies. The notable exceptions to this are Canadian Veterans, members of the RCMP and the Department of National Defense. Organigram is committed to investing in the research required to move towards advancing insurance coverage for this medicine.

Can you help me get a prescription?

Organigram is licensed to produce medical cannabis. Only your health care professional can prescribe medical cannabis and is uniquely positioned to make that decision with you.

How is the product shipped?

The product is shipped discreetly by Canada Post XpressPost, and requires a photo ID and signature upon delivery.

We offer a $10 flat rate for all shipments. If a patient orders their full prescription amount or more than 30 grams, shipping is included in the purchase price! 

Where can I learn more about medical cannabis?

Health Canada is the authority on the regulated use of medical cannabis in Canada. It provides comprehensive information about the Cannabis Act and should be consulted first.

Other sources are the Canadian Consortium for the Investigations of Cannabinoids at and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Resources at

Can I switch licensed producers?

Yes! If you would like to switch licensed producers, simply call our Client Care team at 1-844-644-4726 and our team will transfer your Medical Document to the producer of your choice. You may also be required to complete any registration documents requested by your new licensed producer.

Note: You may only be registered with ONE licensed producer per medical document at any given time. Upon transferring your registration to another licensed producer, your Organigram registration will be cancelled.

Are all your products grown organically?

Organigram is certified by Ecocert Canada to produce organically grown medicinal cannabis. A portion of the cannabis produced in the facility today is organically grown, and a portion is mineral-grown.


How much cannabis can I possess in public?

If you are a registered medical cannabis patient, you are permitted to possess the lesser of 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis product). If a patient ALSO chooses to purchase recreational cannabis, that patient is permitted to carry an additional 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes.

How much cannabis can I possess at home?

The new regulations remove personal storage limits for patients. Like any adult Canadian, patients can store as much cannabis as they want at home.

Do the rules about cannabis vary across Canada?

While the rules set out in the Cannabis Act are applicable to every province and territory in Canada, your province may have additional rules about how cannabis can be bought/sold and where it can be consumed. To learn more about the rules of your jurisdiction, click here.

Have a question for us?

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