You shouldn’t feel intimidated by this conversation – just keep in mind that your doctor cares about your well-being, and is there to ensure that you get the care that is right for you. Here's a few tips that will help you prepare for this conversation and provide your doctor with what he/she needs:

  • Do some research on your own. It’s a good idea to come to the meeting with some information on how cannabis has been used to treat others with your condition. It will also be helpful for your doctor if you come prepared with some information about how cannabis has helped others in your situation, including information about doses and frequency. Anything you bring to support the conversation will help.
  • As part of your research, you should look into different strains and explore different ways to administer cannabis. This will help you as you think about how you will be comfortable taking it and allow you to ask your doctor about the different options. Having some strain information will help guide your doctor’s research as well.
  • Suggest a trial period. This will give your doctor the opportunity to assess results and will help you determine if the strain, administration method and dose is working well for you.