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We want the best for our clients, and that means providing the support and resources that allow physicians to prescribe with confidence. If you are new to medical cannabis, check out our Resource Centre, or register with us to access the tools you need to get started.

Resource Center

From terminology to strain types to ingestion options... there is a lot to know about medical cannabis. Here, you'll find the most important information to get you started.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical marijuana refers to the dried flowers of the Cannabis plant, used to treat or relieve a specific symptom or condition. The Cannabis plant contains over 80 different cannabinoids along with terpenes and flavonoids.

Overview of Terminology

The following overview of terminology can be helpful for patients that are inexperienced or new to medical cannabis.

Dosing and Strain Selection

When it comes to developing a dosing schedule, marijuana has many variables that do not fit in immediately with the typical pharmaceutical drug model.

Routes of Delivery

There are several routes of delivery available for patients to safely and effectively consume their medical cannabis. The amount of cannabinoids such as THC received by the patient depends on the route of administration taken.

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